Pensacola Days Album

My mom lived in Pensacola for a year. When I went to visit, I wasn't expecting what I saw when we first went to the beach. The wind was wild and caused the air to be extra salty. This weather actually turned out perfect to create a dazed look to some of the photos.


  • Pelican

  • Splash!

  • Reflection

  • Blades

  • Two

  • Haze

Idaho Collection

I was able to visit my Grandma during summer. Which I am super thankful for. My favorite pictures come from her garden. Without, her taking care of her garden, I wouldn't have been able to snap the perfect picture!


  • Yellow Rose

  • Morning Dove

  • Budding Rose

  • Don't Look Back


  • From Her Garden

  • Closer Than

  • Almost Home

  • Bushes

  • Back to the Country

  • Koi

  • Backroads of Montana