Using the name MELT comes from a neighbor I had growing up. She used that acronym to remember the names of my siblings and me. My name is Emma and I am the “E” in MELT.

My journey started as a child and has continued with me developing my style. I’ve been influenced by many things in my life. Like, depression and anxiety, my exchange in Finland, going to school at Western Technical College for Digital Media Production, and now participating in Gallery 24 and Med City Art Festival as a board member.

  • Blink

  • In The Night

  • Not Myself Anymore

The best way to describe my art would be the silent and uncomfortable. Lately, I’ve expressed myself through landscapes and adding texture to my paintings. I find myself most at peace when I’m able to see a sunset and feel the breeze on my face. It’s an important part of my life to include in my paintings, the silent moments. In the past, I’ve created some more uncomfortable pieces and continue to explore that side of my creativity once in a while.

Currently, I work a part time job, volunteer at Gallery 24 as a board member (where I hang my art), work with Med City Art Festival as a part of the board, continue to run my business Melt Media 21, and spend time with my significant other who helps me balance my schedule (which I am so grateful for).

My goal right now is to continue creating and finding balance in my life. 

Follow my journey below.