Using the name MELT comes from a neighbor I had growing up. She used that acronym to remember the names of my siblings and me. My name is Emma and I am the “E” in MELT.

I describe my art as painting the silent and uncomfortable moments. My art features a story or feeling that’s pulled out of raw moments of my life. One’s that are peaceful and other’s where I can’t get out of bed. 

Visually, they can be dark, light, scary, or calm. Painted with acrylic on canvas, my newer pieces feature a “drip effect” which is watered-down acrylic dripped onto the canvas with a brush of my choosing to create a precise drip. It adds a “let life flow” attitude to my paintings. Which is a beneficial thing to remind myself since I have anxiety. The benefit of my art is the ability to find a piece you can resonate with in your human experience.

Since 2018, when I spent some time overseas in Finland, I have been inspired by landscapes. I’ve found peace in them. Mostly inspired by southeast Minnesota, where I live, my art shows the beauty of the driftless region. 

Beyond my acrylics, I’ve found other mediums that occupy some of my time as well. I’ve recently taken up pyrography(wood burning), which allows me to pursue art through creative lines. I went to school for digital media production and picked up photography and videography. 

I love finding the perfect shot with my camera. It’s different from my acrylics in that instead of seeing the perfect moment and pondering on it til my paintbrush hits the canvas, I get an instant shot that I can make adjustments to in a second. 

My experience with videography has helped me pursue my YouTube channel. Although, making videos featuring yourself is a lot more awkward than creating for someone else. I find it’s a great way to reflect and create better content. .

Apart from my art, I enjoy kayaking, watching my favorite shows on repeat, and occasionally relieving my anxiety through exercise. But no matter what I do, I am usually nose deep in art. It’s a part of who I am. 

Find my work here, at Gallery 24, and occasionally at a pop-up shop! See my art in person by following my social media to keep up to date! 

Join my journey by reading the stories and finding a piece you can resonate with. Check out the links below to find more information.


Do you have an in-person store?

My work is showcased at Gallery 24 in Rochester, MN.

Can I buy an original piece online?

Send me an email letting me know which piece you are interested in, and I will send you the next steps!

How do I order a commission?

Send me an email letting me know of your interest, and a description of the piece you want. I will let you know the next steps!

Can you create a print for one of your paintings I like?

Yes! Send me a message, I am constantly adding more of my paintings as prints.

  • Blink

  • In The Night

  • Not Myself Anymore