Starting My You Tube Art Channel!

Starting My You Tube Art Channel!

I’ve started a You Tube channel. It’s always been something I’ve wanted to do but I never felt confident in myself. I knew I just had to start, stay consistent and everything will fall in place. I will find my style. 


It’s been a journey. To get started, I set up my camera and canvas with one angle. I decided on this because I wanted to focus on my art. I won’t be able to create good art if I am focusing on camera angles. 


Then I painted until my camera would be out of storage. I uploaded the footage, and kept filming if I didn’t finish the painting. 


After filming, I needed to edit. I wrote myself a script and recorded my voice. This is one of my insecurities. To me, my voice sounds shaky and not sure. Watch my video and comment what you think!


I’ll get used to hearing my voice eventually. 


After recording, I split up the audio and added the video, editing it down so it would fit within the voice recording(which I also edited down).


I wanted to add some funny moments, and I happened to catch Lotus(my cat) being so helpful with my art.


In the end, I found a good process for me! Check out my You Tube channel to see my other videos(they will eventually be posted here).


I have a couple of new ideas. So subscribe to my emails and follow my blog for updates!


Much love,


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